Soares de Oliveira & Associados was pleased to participate in the events promoted by the Associação de Empresas Familiares in 2019

Reasons to sell a business

The professional life of a business owner is made up of different stages that are constantly being overcome.

A dream that came true

A business is a dream that came true. It is the materialization of an idea created from the ambitions, needs and concepts of happiness and success of a person.

Principal barriers of selling a business

Which are the principal barriers of selling a business? Do you know how to deal with them? The matter at stake is a complex process that requires the assistance of a consultant service that provides trust, transparency, and confidentiality to the business owner.

After the sale

What comes after the sale? Most companies are born from a dream and when that dream is fulfilled another one is born. Therefore, after enjoying professional success and having conquered the business world, what will that new life focus be?

The selling process of a company

Many business owners reaching the end of their professional career should get familiar with the selling process of a company.

La industria aeronáutica en el 2019

El sector aeronáutico presenta un continuo crecimiento. Durante el periodo 2005 – 2018 la industria aeronáutica mundial ha multiplicado por 2 su facturación, pasando de los 405 billones de dólares en 2005 a 812 billones de dólares en 2018.

Autoparts Industry Activity

The Autoparts industry activity is fundamental for economic value in the car making and aftermarket chain. Due to the excess of liquidity in the market, investors seek to increase their international presence.

Consulting Firms’ appetite for digital marketing and ad agencies increases M&A activity level in the industry.

The rules of the game have changed. Digitalization is part of this new consumer generations’ DNA. Businesses must adapt to the requirements this concept demands in order to provide an added value to their customers.