The role of a Business Owner

It is undeniable that all companies have an impact on the society they perform their activity in. Following this idea, businessmen are then figures of leadership and influence for whom they surround. Therefore, the business owner has a huge responsibility: giving back to society what they have already received from it.

During his professional career, the role of the business owner as a leader is mainly represented by two different aspects:

  • Provide jobs for the rest.
  • Create a positive impact through the execution of his company’s mission.

However, there will come the point where the businessman, for various reasons, won’t be able to keep up with the necessities of his company. It is at this moment when his role must switch to be ready to embrace the extended responsibilities this situation brings.

Now, the primary mission for the business owner should be guaranteeing that the benefits his company brings to society persist through time, even if this means not being the one carrying out this action. In other words, he must find the ideal counterpart for his company, one that can assure the proper execution of the business mission.

Having said that, it is worth mentioning that the key to the selling of a business is the process of finding the best counterpart. The first step, and the most important one, is having the support of the correct advisor to complete this complex journey.

The selling of a business is no easy task, much less something that should be left in hands that are not strictly professional or specialized in the sale of companies.

What to look for when hiring a financial advisor?

Once the business owner decides to sell his company, it is imperative he must be advised appropriately. The search of the ideal buyer is a complicated process that requires extensive experience and specific knowledge. In like manner, each step in the selling process is vital as a mistake can conclude in the total failure of the operation. Hence, it is essential to consider what are the qualities that enable an advisor to guarantee a successful selling.

The advisor or finance boutique must accomplish specific requirements to be considered as the ideal advisor for a possible client. These requirements are the following:

  • A robust and trustworthy confidentiality policy.
  • A transparent and accessible work methodology.
  • An extensive track record of past successful operations.
  • A strong and consolidated network of international partners.

ONEtoONE counts with an international network present in over 15 countries. We have completed over 1,500 mandates and count with a global network of partners that fully trust in us.

If you are a business owner and find yourself in this situation, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of advisors will take care of your operation to deliver the best results possible.